who we are

Malik Riley

Your One-Stop Creative Hub for Video, Photography, Graphic Design, and Audio Production. Specialists in Cultural and Creative Industries. Also offering state-of-the-art PA systems and cameras for sale. Our modern facility houses top-notch technologies and expert professionals dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that inform, entertain, and captivate audiences worldwide. From video editing to website development, our team of designers, artists, programmers, and technicians delivers high-quality multimedia products using cutting-edge tools and methods. Elevate your brand with our virtual reconstructions, audio-visual content, digital effects, and more. Discover why we’re the leading choice for Cinema, TV, Broadcast, and beyond

Our Team

Our dynamic team of storytellers, filmmakers, and designers collaborate seamlessly to craft compelling narratives. With diverse expertise and a shared passion for creativity, we bring visions to life, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Albert Noniwa


Calvin (Igwe)


Norman Shangwa

Web Developer

Takunda Chiwaze

Lighting Technician

Kebak Addie


Our Mission

At Malik Riley, our mission is to empower creativity and innovation in the digital age. We strive to blend artistic vision with technological expertise, providing our clients with unparalleled solutions that elevate their brands and captivate audiences worldwide. Through our passion for storytelling and dedication to excellence, we aim to push the boundaries of possibility in the realms of video production, photography, graphic design, and audio production. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction drives everything we do, making us the trusted partner for cultural and creative industries globally.